Mungo Impress v1.0.0 is released!


Sorry for the silence. It was hard to work in September because I had some IRL issues. So I had no time to work on Mungo and Harmony. But I finally got some progress last two weeks.

For a start I want to present new Mungo version v1.0.0 There are no big changes, only stability fixes. Here are the main ones:

  • Merged changes from Monkey 80c
  • Improved mserver ports handling
  • Fixed DrawLine bug in webgl mojo
  • Possible fix for bug with not shown mserver tray icon

You can download new Mungo Impress v1.0.0 from the homepage.

At the moment I’m working on Mungo Impress 1.1 which will contain more changes, but I will write about it a little bit later.

I also continue to work on Harmony and it also has enough progress from my last post. Currently you can get an idea how far it progressing from 2dark dev blog posts. Fred posts a lot of really interesting screenshots from his game engine which uses Harmony. But I will try to provide some info about Harmony progress soon.