Crowdfunding campaign for 2Dark has just started!

Today Gloomywood launched their crowdfunding campaign for 2Dark game. As I wrote in the previous posts, 2Dark is the first game which uses Mungo and Harmony as a framework. It’s very exciting to see such a tech-powerfull game as the very first project of this fork.

There is still a lot of work to do to achieve the first public version of Harmony, but cooperation with Gloomywood (mostly with Frederick Raynal) allows to do Harmony better and useful for real game projects. So by supporting 2Dark you will support Mungo and Harmony as well.

Regarding 2Dark game in generally. I won’t spread a lot of words, because Gloomywood made a good job on campaign’s page and it has a lot of information about the game. I just want to say that it is a horror game, the genre which I love. So I will wait its release not only as a Harmony project, but also as game I would love to play.

Please, give Gloomywood and their great 2Dark game a chance by supporting them on Ulule!