Mungo and Monkey2

A short announcement due to Monkey2 development news. I will continue to develop Mungo with Harmony and will try to keep it compatible with Monkey2. I »

Crowdfunding campaign for 2Dark has just started!

Today Gloomywood launched their crowdfunding campaign for 2Dark game. As I wrote in the previous posts, 2Dark is the first game which uses Mungo and Harmony »

Mungo Impress v1.0.0 is released!

Hello! Sorry for the silence. It was hard to work in September because I had some IRL issues. So I had no time to work on »

Harmony WIP update

In this short post I want to tell how harmony will exactly work and what progress I achieved with it. Architecture Harmony is split up to »

Mungo Impress v1.0.0-rc.2 is out!

Thanks for downloading and testing the previous version of Mungo Impress. And now it’s time to unveil to the world the second release candidate. This »

Mungo Impress v1.0.0-rc.1 is released!

Today I’m excited to present to you the first public version of my Monkey X fork - Mungo Impress. What does Impress mean? As I »